Sofia and the Grammatakia

Sofia is a on a mission!

Sofia is a nine year old girl on a quest to find all 24 grammatakia, cute little adventurous creatures shaped like the letters of the Greek alphabet. They have been dispersed over Greece and Sofia must travel through many beautiful places and meet many amazing Greek people to collect them all. Once she has all twenty four, she will be able to put the letters together into words to unlock their superpowers.

Sofia and the Grammatakia is a web series tat teaches 4-6 year old kids the greek alphabet. IT is a great way for the second and third generation children of the Greek diaspora to reconnect with their ancestral homeland. By anthropomorphising the letters of the Greek alphabet, it also serves as a great way to create an early attraction to the maths and sciences that use the Greek alphabet, as well as fostering an interested in the Bible’s original language.

In early stages of development, Sofia will look to launch in 2015, first as a series of video blogs and then educational and fun apps and eventually an animated series.