The unique ikonfilm blend of social research, brand strategy and  media production skills means we:

Tell a visual story that allows you to better understand your consumer

Tell the right visual story that engages the consumer’s interest in your message.




You are Startup looking to change the world

You want your idea to become a household word. You know video is a key element, but don’t know where to start.

Oh, and you have no money. No problem. Chat to us. 

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You are a small to medium business

You have a great product or service that nobody knows about. You cant afford an ad agency, but want a great video. 

We offer the right blend of strategic thinking and production skills that allows you to punch above your weight and get real interest.

You are a Research manager

You have years of research findings but are looking for a way to make your consumerr pop. We have the research ability to analyse your research findings, the creative strategy to synthesise them into a key consumer typology, and the film production skills to crystallise your consumer into a single compelling, cinema quality segmentation video.

With over 400 segmentations videos in our protfolio, we are confident we can bring your consumer to life in a compelling and engagin manner.